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IP Investigations in Kerala

This is to confirm you that there are numerous intellectual properties come up from South Indian states where we do have lot of IP rights individual owners and companies who look forward to seek the assistance of investigation companies to secure their growing brands and subsequent protection of best held IP rights. It is needed in a sense to nullify the impact of certain amount of counterfeiting practices taken up by the people to challenge famous brands for the sake of developing their inferior and imitated products.

There are evidences which prove that our IP investigation sources which are available in various parts of Kerala are performing excellently by devising various kinds of methods and practices best utilized for getting the perfect protection from challenging activities of infringements which are taking the tolls to diminish the real brands from the market. Due to this reason, IP investigations are having the prime importance in protecting the social image and reputation in the markets.

This is the reason our IP investigations in Kerala have great significance in bring the positive environments and have special orientations to protect the exclusive rights of creators or innovators of intellectual properties that are recognized and approved by the existing local laws and regulations. There are varieties of assets and valuable which are considered to be the exceptional work in the field of art, symbol, music, trade secrets trademarks, literature, and designs which demands complete protections from the higher risks of deceptions and tricks utilized for creating duplicate and facsimiles products and services.

In the risky atmosphere, the role of IP Investigators in Kerala become more vital to offer the wider defense to all types of creative works by extending superior IP investigations to protect the brands in various parts of the country. Our intellectual property investigators have understood the various IP requirements and move in a way to assurance all IP owners for having the great solutions of rising risk of infringements. Our processes on IP investigations have been described:

  • Domain Name Purchases
  • Geographical Indication
  • Service of Cease
  • Desist Notices
  • IP Attorney Services
  • Conduct criminal and civil seizures
  • Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Investigations on IP Litigations Support
  • Trade Mark Purchases
  • Trade Fair Monitoring
  • Investigations on Gray Market
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • Customs Protection
  • Law Enforcements Services
  • Market Surveys
  • Infringement Investigations
  • IP Sample/Test Purchases
  • IP Investigations
  • Co-ordination /Awareness/training campaigns
  • Factory Auditing Services
  • Brand Integrity Audit Services
  • Patent contravention Investigations
  • Company Name Purchases
  • Internet surveying and determining services
  • Trademark, Copyright, Design
  • Market Monitoring Services
  • Vendor Information

Our IP investigation services in Kerala are catering the best in a manner to control the higher rise of counterfeiting for securing your trademarks and brands. We have the pleasure to offer nothing short than the best. We don’t miss upon any opportunity but to provide the best for you in the easiest and best possible manner and time to deliver the results. To obtain the superior services of our IP investigators, kindly contact us on info@keralaprivateinvestigators.com for your requirement respectively.

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